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Affirmations have always been an important part of my healing journey. While they are not the be all and end all of your journey, they can have a profound and lovely effect on your subconscious mind. Pick a few that resonate the most and repeat them as many times as you can. Feel them in your body and see what happens!

body positivity
  1. I trust my body’s innate abilities to return to its natural shape and form
  2. I listen to my body
  3. My mind and my body are one
  4. I chose love for my body
  5. I feel gratitude for what my body allows me to do
  6. I chose to listen to my feelings of hunger and fullness
  7. I allow my body to guide me
  8. I feel safe in my body
  9. Compassion is key to healing my body
  10. I am one with my body
  11. The journey to my dream body is enjoyable
  12. My body knows exactly what it needs to heal and I listen to those messages
  13. I can love my body and want to heal it
  14. I am worthy to have the body I desire
  15. It is safe for me to have the body I desire
  16. I crave healthy nutritious foods
  17. I move my body in a way that makes me feel good
  18. My health is my priority
  19. I desire change for my body out of love for it
  20. I am doing enough for my dream body
  21. Mindful eating allows me to listen to honour my body’s needs
  22. I learn to love my body the way it is
  23. My dream body is inevitable
  24. I am enough
  25. I honour my body as the beautiful vessel it is
  26. I focus on the things I love about my body
  27. I put my attention on the things my body allows me to do
  28. I feel safe in my body
  29. My body knows how to heal itself and it does so now
  30. Feeling worthy means I make healthy choices
  31. I have compassion for my body and all experiences that lead me hear
  32. Acceptance is where my journey starts
  33. I trust my body
  34. I give myself well-needed time to rest
  35. Progress is more important than perfection
  36. I honour my feelings
  37. I savour the foods I eat
  38. I am drawn to move my body
  39. The journey to my dream body is
  40. Nothing can stand between me and my desired body because I am looking at all levels of my being
  41. I feel free
  42. It is my birthright to have a body I am proud of and feel good in
  43. I am whole
  44. I trust my body’s innate ability to heal itself
  45. I value self-compassion above all
  46. I am my biggest cheerleader on the journey to a healthy and loving relationship with my body
  47. I treat my body with compassion, respect and understanding
  48. I value my mental well-being
  49. I give myself a f*ing break
  50. I take a step back before making a decision out of fear
  51. I tend to my inner-child’s needs as it is the key for a better relationship with my body
  52. I forgive my body for not being perfect
  53. I acknowledge my part in my body’s physical appearance without judgement
  54. This is a judgement free zone
  55. I get out of my head and into my body
  56. My desired body doesn’t require perfect actions.

Let me know in the comments which ones, you chose!



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