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a 360 approach to living your best life on your own terms with self-compassion and empowerment.


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Subconscious Mind, Body and Emotions


I am Dominique Nicole aka Niqui. I am a holistic life coach and yoga teacher. I guide women to create change from a place of love where we work WITH the subconscious mind, the body and the emotions rather than against them. Results are inevitable once you look at the whole picture!

"You are meant for your desires! Your desires are meant to come to life through you. They were placed in your mind because you are meant to bring them to life!"

No dreams are too big!

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I am a certified yoga teacher and life coach. Aaand many more. I am multi-passionate and probably neurodivergent. What makes me the happiest though, is seeing women create massive results in areas they have struggled with for years. 
Therefore, I have specialised in a holistic approach to create lasting change by looking at all aspects of a persons being but most importantly with self-compassion. If you stay in my world for a while you'll hear me say "the only non-negotiable rule is self-compassion" more times than you can count. 

Hi, Salut, Tschou! I am Niqui



Working with Dominique has been such an absolute pleasure from our very first interaction. She creates such a safe and loving container for deep healing easily and effortlessly. I experienced dramatic shifts almost instantly. Her expertise is vast. Though I originally wanted to focus on one area many other issues popped up during the course of our time together and she was able to guide me through these twists and turns expertly. I especially love the way she infuses somatic healing techniques into her practice to provide a truly holistic experience, and her knowledge of Human Design proved particularly helpful. 


I just had the most amazing and transformative experience with Dominique. I came to see her as I was feeling eaten alive by some fear of unworthiness, that were impact a lot of my relationships and especially the one with my boyfriend. Dominique held so much space for me to express myself and she knew where to take me to find the root cause of these irrational thoughts. Even if it was scary to go there, she (virtually) held my hand the whole time of the process and I felt safe and supported during this intense healing session. She was my ally in the fight against my demons and her light guided me out. She's truly wonderful. Her intuition paired with her knowledge makes her coaching very powerful. I feel so grateful to have met her and recommend her to anyone who is internally struggling at the moment.


Dominique is the absolute best. She is so amazing and she truly makes it so easy to get a massive shift. I was being limited in my ability to make money due to different beliefs as well as past traumas. After one session with her I was able to cut the cord from past hurts as well as release trauma that had been hindering my adult life. She gave me a safe space to be able to allow my inner child to heal and feel protected. Boundaries had always been difficult for me as well as having a belief that it was okay to let people devalue me. After one session with her I released these negative beliefs and emotions and I am now able to easily and effortlessly establish boundaries as well as release negative relationships. Today I feel like I got my life back. For the first time I feel whole. She will most definitely be Life Coach going forward. She is truly worth every penny. I am so thankful to call her my Coach.



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5 holistic tools to help you heal the way you feel about your body

Do you always wear long sleeves out of fear of showing your arms? Are you worrying about how you sit on a chair because of how your legs might look? Do you use your arms to cover your belly every beach trip? Do you get frustrated every time you look at the mirror and see that you haven’t got smoother skin, a flatter belly or more toned arms?

You are not alone. I have spent most of the last 20 years being obsessed with my belly. The way it looks has been on my mind every day. From the moment I woke up to the time I went to bed. I used to feel a wave of frustration every time I caught a glimpse of my belly in the mirror or simply when looking at it.

Talking about this openly is not easy because I spent the better part of 20 years trying to hide my belly as well as shame of my own belly. This one body part that has always been on my mind. Constantly taking up mental capacity and space as well as energy.

21st September 2022

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