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Sleepless nights, crazy vivid dreams, heightened emotions and triggers scattered around the day like a bloody minefield – are all signs that it is this time of the month again – the juicy full moon! Oh lord, while it is one of my favourite times of the month, it can also be the most intense time of the month.

Full moon energy is potent and brings an opportunity for growth as it marks the end of yet another beautiful cycle. Harvest the power of the full moon to release anything that doesn’t serve your highest good anymore – triggers, emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, old relationships, objects literally anything.

Whether you already have a full moon ritual and want some additional juicy practices or you are completely new to those kind of ceremonies, have a read through these following ideas and pick your favourites.

Journaling session

It is the full moon and your journal is your best friend during and before this period. You probably have felt things quite intensely in the days leading up to the full moon. Write everything that comes up in your journal. Just whatever pops into your mind, put it on paper.

During your full moon journaling session, I invite you to write the following sentence at the top of the page. “What am I ready to let go of this full moon?” “What is no longer serving me?”

Allow things to flow onto the page. You subconscious know exactly what it is ready to let go of –  stuck emotions, triggers, old conditioning, things, people (even the ones who have already left your life a while back). Trust that whatever comes up, is ready to be released. Look at what upset, triggered, frustrated you in the last few days, as those things are potentially fully ready to be released from your life.

So, if you haven’t already, grab your journal and a pen, light a candle for extra cosiness and let the words flow onto the page as you hold the intention to release them.

Fire ceremony

Powerful, fierce fire.

I usually incorporate the fire ceremony after my journaling session. While you can release anything just by gaining awareness, it can give you some extra power to release your outdated beliefs, triggers, emotional baggage and residue uncomfortable energies to the fire.

Just grab a piece of paper, tear it into little pieces and start writing in one or a few words what you want to release. Whether you have a fire place, a candle or just a lighter is irrelevant. You’ll individually burn the pieces of paper. As you watched the paper being consumed by the flames hold the intention of releasing said thing.

*Please be careful not to burn yourself or the house*

Forgiveness practice

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person to die” – Buddha

Forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about freeing yourself and releasing the harmful energy you are still holding onto.

Here is a technique inspired by the practice called ho’oponopono. It is a very powerful and ancient way to release any unwanted strong feelings you might still have about something or someone from your past or even present. It finds its origin in ancient Hawaii and was originally practice by indigenous healers.

  1. So, let’s make sure you are in a safe place without any distractions and let’s start:Grab your journal or a piece of paper and start writing down memories, situations and people that still leave you angry, bitter or sad about.

2. Write down as many things as come up. Don’t sensor yourself and don’t judge yourself. Whatever is coming up, is a chance for you to grow beyond.

3. Now start at the beginning of your list. Pick the first thing you wrote down, picture the situation or person in your mind’s eye and recite the following words and fill in the blanks

I forgive you for…

Thank you for…

I am sorry for …

I love you

(if love is too strong of an emotion you might want to swap it for I appreciate you or I send you light)

5. Repeat the exercise with each element on your list

6. You might want to add these people and/or situations you forgive, to your fire ritual. Not the things and people themselves please (pun intended), just the piece of paper you wrote those things on.

See how you feel after this exercises. Some things might be harder to forgive – I have been there and I see you – and might need more than one forgiveness ceremony. That’s okey. You are ready when you are ready.

Cleansing your home

This is a great time for you to clean out your home of any objects you no longer need and are no longer serving. Physically cleaning out your space will allow more space in your mind too and to lighten up the energy in your home. Grab a box or a bag to put all the things you want to release from your home and donate them for a good cause.

Cleansing yourself

After cleaning out your home, it is time to clean your personal energy. There are many different ways to do so. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Have a shower and imagine all the murky & slow moving energy to be washed of your body, mind and spirit. Watch it disappears down your drain being released back into the earth. Intention is key!

2. This is for the tougher ones amongst you, as it is winter season over here in Europe: Have a swim in the cold lake or sea. I know it is freezing but the satisfaction as you feel the cold on your skin and get into your warm clothes again is a delight. As you get into the water, imagine the lake washing away everything you no longer need and getting out fresh & clear.

Please be cautious if you are not used to swimming in the cold water and make sure you are in good health if you do decide to try.

3. If you happen to have palo santos at home, the full moon is a great moment to use it to cleanse yourself. Just light one side of the wood, blow off the flame and allow the smoke to bath you with cleansing energies.

Cutting cord meditations

This technique is inspired by a practice I learned from Claudia Vayda in her book “new paradigm psychology”. It is based on the idea that you form energetical cords to people and situations by interacting with them. Especially the experiences that have been intense can still be connected to you. Releasing these connections on a daily basis is very beneficial.

For this I invite you to get into a meditative state – please reach out if you need any support with that – tune into your breath and find stillness for a moment. Hold the intention in your heart to release those cords now. Imagine a connection anchoring yourself into the core of the earth, growing roots who are grounding you firmly. Imagine a light from your crown connecting yourself to your soul star and to the divine. Now start visualising those energetical cords connecting you to people and past situations, cords which are no longer serving you. Where are they connecting to you? Your belly button? Your heart? Just notice. Notice the thickness, the colour and texture of the cord. Now imagine having a pair of big, beautiful, golden scissors in your hand and just cutting the energetic cord that still links you to this person or situation. Watch how the cord disappears. Feel how you are taking your energy back.

You can do this practice as many times, with as many situations and people as you need.

If you desire any help or a guided version of this meditation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Move your body

Your body has a memory too. When you experienced something intense and you were not able in that moment to release those feelings in a holistic way, the body stores the information.

Did you know that animals whenever they feel intense energy just shake it off? Have you ever seen a dog just shaking from head to tail after playing with another dog? That’s how the rebalance their nervous system and release the excess energy. So why don’t we just “shake-it off” like Taylor swift too?

So, an easy way to move the stagnant energy in your body is to move it. Here is a few ideas:

  • Literally shake it off
  • Dance it out
  • Practice yoga

Important: Don’t worry about how it looks, focus on how it feels!

I am a certified yoga teacher, if you need any help for a yoga practice which helps you move stagnant energy, please just reach out. I would love to guide you virtually or in real.

Have a try at these practices, see what resonates. Keep what feels good and leave out the rest. May this full moon bring you lots of clearing & healing and remember to have fun during this process.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or need any support.



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