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New moons signal the end of a cycle and thus a new beginning. This is a time for you to focus on your dreams, goals and manifestations. What is it you dream of? What are your soul desires? How does your dream life feel, look and sound like?

New moons are magical and bring potent energy. Use it to your advantage.

1. Add Crystals

If you are like me and have a crystal collection that keeps getting bigger, this is going to be for you. Choose a crystal that represents your desire in a specific area of your life. Don’t overthink it – it is not for your mind decision we are looking for but your intuitive choice.

Sit down and connect to yourself by taking three, long, deep breaths in and out through your nose. Hold the intention of your desire and blow it into the crystal. Carry the crystal in your pocket as often as you desire.

2. Give your desire to nature

Go for a walk in nature. Take time to connect to it without any distraction. Fully indulge in the beauty around you, the smells of the fresh grass or the pine trees. Feel the sun and the fresh air on your skin.

Find a leaf that stands out to you. Just go with the one you feel most drawn to intuitively. Using a branch, write one word that represents your desire most, on the leaf. Remember to hold the intention and desire as you write it out. Keep holding the frequency as you find a spot to release the leaf in nature – a small pond, a forest or whatever place calls out to you. Trust your gut, you’ve got this!

3. Scripting

Find a comfortable seat and take a deep breath. Find an object with your eyes and allow your sight to land on it softly. Take a moment to come to the present by just seeing this object. Try to look at shadows, colours, shapes, textures and so on. When you find yourself relaxing, slowly close your eyes.

4. Scripting

Light a candle, grab your favourite journal and script out your dream life. Pretend being the director of your life and write out a scene, a day or even a week of your dream life. Think like a director and think of how things look around you, what the characters feel, what scents are lingering in the air. Write it all down.

Whenever you feel like it, go back to your script and add to it – like your favourite TV show that never ends and just keeps on getting better and better.

5. Partner-up

Imagine having the power of your mind to create the reality of your dream. Now imagine having the power of two minds. Powerful right?

Grab a friend, a partner or someone that has dreams as well and is into manifestation & energy work as much as you do. Whether you chose to do it over the phone or message is totally up to you.

Start by sharing your vision with them. Get into the feeling of what you want to create, share your passion for your desires with your partner. The partner allows the energy of your dream to lift them up too. Maybe they have an even higher vision for you and can help you lift the frequency even higher. Hold the energy for as long as you both would like.

If you are looking for a partner to hold the frequency with you, please reach out. There is nothing that brings me more joy than to be able to help you bring your dream life to reality faster than you could imagine.

This technique is inspired by Alyssa Nobriga an wonderful coach. If you want to know more head over to her page.

6. I love … journal

Recently I came across Sonia Choquette and she is such a beautiful being. In a really short amount of time I became a huge fan of her teachings. This technique is inspired by those teachings.

This “I love … practice” is said to be the gateway to your spirit and it is so powerful. Whether you say it out loud or write it down in your journal is completely up to you. Have a play and see what works best for you.

The practice consists of saying as many times in a row as you like: I love … , I love … , I love… and fill the blank with the things that make your soul sparkle. From the softness of your blanket to the beautiful trees in the woods or your loved ones. Nothing is too small or too big to mention. Watch your face soften, your smile become bigger, your heart feeling warmer as you list all the things you love.

Only thing to be aware of: don’t over think it. Let your spirit talk.

7. Create a nature mandala

You probably have seen a mandala before – you know it is those beautiful roundish shapes with repetitive forms. They hold powerful energy and you can create your own if you desire.

Go out in nature and  collect any flowers, stones, branches, leaves or anything you can find. In a selected area which feels appealing to you, arrange your objects in the form of a mandala on the ground. There is no need for it to be perfect, just create your mandala the way you like. As you put everything together, bring to mind the intention, the feelings of your manifestation. Place each object with intention and love. Spend as much as you like with your mandala. Leave your mandala to be blown away by the wind, taking your desires with it and delivering it to a higher power.

8. Consuming flames

Grab one of your favourite candles and light it. On a piece of paper write your goals down. Hold the intention of your desire as you allow the flames to consume your hand written note. Know that as you gave your desire to the fire, the raging element, it is taken care of.

Important: please, be cautious with the fire and the burning paper. Make sure to have a  fire proof bowl or recipient to allow the paper to burn in its one time.

9. Write out your goals for the next lunar cycle

Grab your favourite journal, light a candle for your ritual if you desire and write a list of your goals and dreams for the coming lunar cycle. 28 days of pure magic.

There are different ways to define a goal.

  1. Focus on a state you wish to have more of like serenity or freedom
  2. Pick one goal in each areas of your life – relationship, finances, career, family, etc.
  3. Get really specific on your goals and define a picture representing your achievement of this goal. Desire to manifest a soul client -> maybe you see a message from said client telling you they are ready to sign up and ask for the payment link to secure their spot.

Pick whatever works best for you. I invite you to make sure you state your goals in a positive and empowering way, the goal resonates with your soul not your ego and it is for the greater good of all.

10. Tune into the essence of your desires

What is the essence behind your desired manifestations? How does your manifestation make you feel? Whether you want to manifest a brand new car or money to pay the bills, it is a state a feeling you are after. The car might make you feel powerful and abundant. The money to pay the bills might be about feeling freedom and serenity.

Take a moment to consider approximately 4-5 feelings you are wishing to achieve by manifesting your specific goal. Write them down at the top of your journal page.

Here is the exciting part – a state can be reproduced instantly just with the power of your mind. Remember or imagine how these feelings feel in your body. Hold each desired state for 3 minutes – repeat as pleased.

If you want a little help, here is a link to a workbook I created on this topic. It is free.

11. Ask spirit for guidance

If you believe in some kind of higher power, a power outside of yourself, this one is for you. Tune into your connection with spirit, god, the universe or however you call it and ask for guidance. You are not alone on your journey at any given moment you have a myriad of support just waiting for you to ask for guidance. Use it.

This is just a list of a few possible practices, techniques to add to your new moon ritual. Pick what feels right, whether it is just one or a few. There is no right or wrong. This ritual is yours and yours only.

Have fun playing with the energies of the new moon.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your new moon ritual set-up and to tag me @uniquely.niqui on Instagram.



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