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the 3 common myths of self-love | It feels like self-love and body positivity have gained a lot of momentum these last few years. Maybe it’s just me and it was a thing a long time ago but i just caught wind of it about 3 years ago. I absolutely love it and i think with the oppressing diet culture most women have experienced over the years, it is absolutely NECESSARY.

However, I found myself being even more triggered and further from actually having a peaceful relationship with my self and my body than before, when i first started practicing self-love. I had it all wrong and completely missed the purpose of it.

So here are 3 myths about self-love and body positivity and what i believe it is instead.

Myth #1 – I have to accept every part of my body and self

I was under the impression, unless i loved every single part of my body, my personality and self that i was not actually practicing self-love. So for years, i was actually trying to achieve the impossible. Because who on this planet, short of being some monk, is able to love every single part of themselves? I didn’t and i still don’t even though i am a holistic body coach and teach women to love themselves so they can have a loving relationship with food, their body and movement.


I believe it is much more about seeing what you love about yourself rather than what you dislike. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing what you find sexy and hot about yourself rather than just your flaws. Is that not more achievable and holistic?

Second, i think it is about finding acceptance for those parts of you that you are not in love with. There is a huge difference in energy between being disgusted and frustrated by certain parts than feeling neutral about them. That difference in energy from disgust to neutral, i believe is where self-love and body positivity lies. It is also the key to holistic change.

Myth #2 – It’s something you either have or don’t

I used to believe it was a switch. Something you either had or you didn’t. Something you could work towards having but then you had it forever. On. or off. No in between. And every time i had a day where my body dysmorphia reared it’s head or i had a bad body image day, i felt like a failure!

Girl, did i have it the wrong way around!


I know understand that it is much more like a slider – you know like the volume switch on your phone. Some days all i feel for my body is gratitude and love. Others, i feel less excited about those dimples on my legs and the folds on my skin. and that is okey!


Because we are humans and not bloody robots. So many things affect how we feel from moment to moment about our body and self.

What matters though is that we have the understanding that these less positive emotions and thoughts about our body are just fleeting and don’t mean anything else than us being humans.

Even today, as a holistic body coach who practices self-love and body positivity regularly, there are day where i am bloated and feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothes or moments where i don’t like how my body looks in a certain dress. But with the underlying acceptance i can take holistic actions will make me feel better about my body instantly.

Myth #3 – Loving myself and my body means i give up my desires to grow and improve

For years, i was scared that if i loved my body the way it was, that it meant i was giving up on my dreams to have a leaner and stronger body. My desire was almost an obsession and anything that would stand in the way of that was a no-go for me.

So i fought my body and mind for years. Trying to force my body into a shape and weight.

And i got no where. Results were nowhere to be seen and i still felt horrible in my body.


I understood that loving my body and self didn’t mean i could not desire growth, change and improvements. Until i understood, that self-love and self-acceptance where actually the key to moving towards having a body i desired.

It’s not either or. It’s “love yourself” AND have the body you desire and love! The are one and the same thing.

What was the myth that surprised you most? Comment below and let me know!

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