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Welcome to the Holistic Way podcast. I’m your host, Niqui, also known as Dominique, founder of the Holistic Way, Holistic Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher. Join me weekly as we explore holistic approaches, fresh perspectives, and the significance of self-compassion. Remember, understanding is empowering and self-kindness is the new sexy.

Today, I invite you to take three deep breaths with me to settle into the present moment. Close your eyes (unless you’re driving), and breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Let’s do this together.

This week’s episode is close to my heart, discussing my personal experience. I’ve procrastinated recording this episode; my first attempt was in my car, but the sound quality was poor. After debating due to my perfectionism, a friend encouraged me to share my important message. So, I’m re-recording, using my AirPods like when I started my podcast. While the sound may not be perfect, the message is what matters most.

I always start my story with a clear memory from my early teens. I recall feeling shame and guilt for eating Maltesers and deciding then to cut out chocolate and sweets. This memory highlights the early stages of my challenging relationship with body image and eating.

Throughout the years, I’ve always been critical of my body, especially my belly. This dissatisfaction led to continuous cycles of dieting and exercise, fueled by a negative self-image. In my early twenties, I obsessed over the scale, letting numbers dictate my self-worth. Reflecting on those times, I realize how harsh I was on myself.

My journey took a turn with the body positivity movement. Initially, I swung to the extreme of neglecting healthy habits in the name of self-love. Eventually, I found a balance, understanding the importance of movement and balanced eating, driven by love and respect for my body, rather than disdain or obligation.

A significant aspect of my recovery involved addressing emotional eating. I had to learn the difference between eating due to hunger and eating driven by emotions. It was a gradual process, but I began to understand and respect my body’s true needs.

Shadow work was crucial in my healing process, accepting every part of myself, even those I once viewed negatively. Today, stepping on a scale is just a routine act, no longer a source of stress or self-worth judgment.

For those interested, I’ll compile a list of resources that helped me in my journey. And, if you’re seeking personal guidance, I’m offering WhatsApp coaching sessions.

Thank you for joining me on this episode. Be sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram at Uniquely Niqui. Until next time, take care!



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