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Am I doing this right? I don’t feel anything when meditating. Is this working? I don’t see, hear or feel anything. I don’t feel any different than before. What if I am making all of this up? How do I know if I am doing this the right way?

Did you ever have similar thoughts?

When I came in contact with self-development, meditation, inner-healing and energy work, I was constantly doubting the experiences I was having. I was always questioning whether i was “doing” it wrong or if i was maybe just broken. Quite frankly, these questions and doubts were robbing me of fully surrendering to the so called spiritual experiences.

I did meditations by myself and in groups, I tried reiki sessions, I went to see a kinesiologist and a shamanic healer. I practiced journaling and had hypnotherapy session. I did inner child healing. All of which I still practice regularly to this day. For a long time I questioned these moments. I questioned the subtle yet noticeable differences I was feeling. I questioned the answers I found. I even wondered if I was not just making all of these experiences up in my mind.

Until, one day I decided that my experience of the spiritual realm, the energetic healing and the emotional journey was real and true even if i did not have physical proof. From this moment on, I deemed every single experience and emotion I have on my journey as valid and valuable. What changed you may ask? Or how did I get there. First, I changed my belief. Rather than believing in only what I can physically experience, I allowed myself to believe in the unseen and the divine.

“ You will see it when you believe it!”

Second, with time I learned the language of the spiritual world. Like we speak English, French, German or any other language, the subconscious, the divine and higher energies have a code of their own. The language YOU might use to communicate with your inner-world, the energy of the universe, God or universal intelligence – however you might want to call it – could look totally different. I believe we all have an individual communication style with energy, we just have to learn it.

Yet, there are some common signs you might be experiencing too, without being aware that these are symbols from your soul, your subconscious or universal intelligence. The following indicators might open your awareness and ring true to you too. So let’s dive into the 5 signs you might be experiencing on your spiritual journey and healing journey.

However before we move on, one last but very important note: There is no right or wrong. You are not broken. And yes everyone can communicate with the subtle energies of the universe – contrary to common belief it is not reserved to a few gifted and chosen one. We just have to tune in, be willing to open our awareness and surrender.

Now, let’s dive in…

  1. Seeing colours

Although, I am a very visual person, I hardly ever see very clear images during a meditation, a hypnosis session or a reiki treatment. However, I see colours. When I first sit down and close my eyes to meditate at the end of a hectic day, my eyes are fluttering and all I see is pitch black. After I ease into the meditation and surrender to the moment, I start to perceive beautiful and magical colours. Soon, the colours start to melt into each other and change slowly from one hue to the next.

With time a beautiful purple colour takes over. It moves around like a swarm of fishes in the clear water. This is the moment, I know I am aligned with my higher-self and my soul. This is when I am connected to source energy.

Pay attention to the colours you might experience. See the patterns changing as you move from beta to alpha brain waves – in alpha brain waves is when you are most receptive to subtle energies. Notice the colour your soul shows up in. Maybe it is purple like me – which also is the colour of the third eye chakra – maybe it is golden or pure bright light.

Notice the colours and have a play with it – They tell a beautiful story.

2. Having to poo after a moment of deep healing

I agree this is far from glamorous. Yet, it is one of the most distinct clues you could get.

When healing happens, it is like something drops – literally. When we heal, we are leaving behind a layer that no longer serves us. Isn’t it the whole reason we are doing all of the shadow work? Because we want to feel lighter and free from past trauma, painful past experiences and move forward without those unnecessary weights. I say holy YES!

So, when we experience deep healing, we often need to physically release the old self, the blockage or the heaviness. This can happen in many different ways – maybe you feel like throwing up, maybe you even need to actually throw up, or you might feel an energetic ball coming out through your mouth. Most often, I just need to visit the toilet for number two and you might too.

This is the heavy energy just leaving the body, instantly. It works every time. Next time you do some deep healing and releasing pay attention to your body’s needs. Is it time for a big poo? Do you feel the need to shower? Or even feel sick?

Let it out! Clean you energy. You will feel a 100% better and you know you just accessed a deeper level of yourself.

Little trick, make sure to take a shower and visualise the burden being washed away through the shower drain, when you just released some heavy energy.

3. Seeing, feeling, hearing

You might know by now that there are many ways we can experience the divine energy and feel its flow. We are all different. We all have a different awareness. Some of us are more visual, others more kinetic (feelings and touch), while some are more sensible to acoustics or simply just know things. We all have a dominant sense or even multiple dominant senses. I believe our dominant sense(s) are also the way we most likely notice subtle energies.

If you are a visual person, you might see clear or blurred images. Or like me you might notice colours.

Auditory people might hear sounds to guide them on their healing journey.

Maybe you just know things, without any specific reason. Allow them to come in. Trust yourself.

A kinetic person can notice physical responses in her/his body – tight chest, a tingling feeling, an excitement in the stomach. Healing and subtle energies manifest through our bodies a lot. Pay close attention to the crown of your head, as it is the portal to the divine.

You might also sense images. Rather than having a clear image you might experience images still or moving without actually seeing them.

Pay attention to the subtle shifts/changes during a meditation or yoga practice. Notice the small signs during a reiki session or inner-child meditation. Those cues from your senses are telling you “You are doing great, keep going!”

4. Metaphysical cues

Source energy and our higher-self guide us on our path to love. BUT, they also give us a gentle or not so gentle nudge when we lose said path. There is nothing wrong with experiencing the darker sides of the path. It is still a part of the journey to healing and becoming the best version of yourself. Yet, we usually experience quite strong messages to move towards the light again.

In a lot of cases, those message manifest in the form of metaphysical cues. More specifically through dis-ease or pains in the body. They can show up in the form of rashes, cold sores or bigger health issues of any form. Listen to your body and hear what it has to say. It acts as a messenger from your higher self.

I can highly recommend Louise Hay’s bestseller “heal your body”. It is an absolute must-read if you desire to understand more about what different dis-eases tell you and more importantly how to heal them. According to Louise, listening and understanding the message behind the physical symptoms leads to a deep healing of the root cause of your discomfort. Usually, you will see the symptoms disappear almost like magic.

I have experienced many forms of different physical symptoms guiding me back to my higher-self, especially cold sores when being very frustrated and upset with a situation, skin conditions when not managing my stress in a healthy manner or even period cramps when healing the relationship I have with myself. Some of which I am still in the process of healing today. They journey is a winding one, but a rewarding one at the same time.

5. Unexplainable emotions coming through

Have you ever done a yoga class or a meditation and out of nowhere, you need to cry – most likely it just came over you uncontrollably. You might just have experienced a repressed emotion coming up.

Did you know that any emotion not processed properly is stored within you, resurfacing again and again until you are actually willing to feel it and allow it to pass through?

It is not uncommon for those emotions resurfacing during some deep work. After all, when we drop the veil between the conscious and the subconscious, they can easily just pay us a visit. You might feel an urge of sadness or anger. Maybe you just start crying your eyes out, out of nowhere. Allow them to come out. You are doing the healing you need and you are releasing anything keeping you from living your best life.

Those unexpected emotions you might feel during an experience with higher energy are an undeniable sign you are doing the healing you need.

I encourage you all to accept whatever experience you are having with the subtle energies. Trust your perception and your intuition. You are truly guided and never alone.

How do you experience the subtle energies? Have you learned something new about yourself and how did you handle it?

I love to hear your stories and your experiences. Leave a comment or send me a message for a chat if you have questions. I truly would love to help in any way i can.

  1. Maroushka says:

    This article is so spot on! I related to everything you said, I also see colours- purple moving with green.

    Thank you for this, you’ve clarified a few things for me! Much love X



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