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My favourite daily affirmations to shift your mindset from lack to empowerment. These affirmations will encourage you to move towards your dream life, whether you want to find true love, have financial freedom, find a job or career you are passionate about or simply have more joy, fulfilment and empowerment in your life.

  1. My body knows how to heal itself and it does so now

2. What is mine will find me

3. I take daily inspired action towards my dream life

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4. All it takes is to be myself

5. Being me is more than enough

6. Abundance is my birthright

7. Everything I do brings me fulfilment

8. There is more than enough where that came from

9. I am open to receive love

10. I love and accept myself

11. I trust the timing of my life

12. My health is my priority

13. I choose to live an abundant life

14. I am grounded

15. Money always serves my highest good

16. Everything is figuroutable from – Marie Forleo

17. I am divinely guided

18. I believe in myself and my abilities

19. I create the life of my dreams NOW.

20. I forgive you

21. I forgive myself

22. I chose to see the best in people

23. I am loved

24. I attract amazing business opportunities

25. Money loves me

26. It is safe for me to have excess money

27. I open up to higher energy

28. I am capable

29. I give myself permission to be whoever I want to be

30. I can chose again at anytime

31. I am receptive for miracles

32. I attract my soulmate

33. People love to pay me for my product and services

34. There is enough for everyone

35. It is easy for me to wake up in the mornings

36. I give thanks for…

37. I am healthy

38. Clarity finds me whenever I need it

39. It is safe to be myself

40. I move towards my goals

41. I surrender

42. People love to pay me for my product and services.

43. I am worthy

44. Having fun is my priority

45. My body is my home

46. It is safe to be myself

47. Everything I touch turns to gold

48. I attract amazing business opportunities

49. I always win

50. I heal from my past

51. At all times I have the resources I need

52. I am the exception to the rule

53. I allow love to fill every corner of my heart

54. I dare to be seen

55. I know my worth

56. All it takes for me to be successful is to be myself

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57. It is safe for me to receive and give love

58. I love and accept myself exactly the way I am

59. I love myself and I am becoming the best version of myself

60. I am safe

61. I am brilliant and extraordinary

62. The opposite of negativity is not positivity but gratitude

63. I give myself permission to be successful

64. Creativity flows effortlessly

65. Everything I touch turns to gold

66. I am pure magic

67. I deserve to have all my desires and needs to be met

68. I have everything I need inside of me

69. I am the creator of my life.

70. The universe works fast when I am having fun – Gabby Bernstein

71. It is easy for me to set up healthy boundaries

72. I embrace all that I am

73. My dreams are made to come to life through me

74. I am an open channel for inspiration and creativity

75. Change the story

76. I am endlessly talented

77. Be present now

78. I have infinite potential

79. It is safe to spend money on the things I love

80. I give myself permission to be …

81. No one has the power to define how I feel about myself

82. I easily know what is right for me

83. Clarity comes easily to me

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84. I am my own superhero

85. I take action even if at times it is a little scary

86. I focus on what is in front of me and take one step at a time

87. I free myself from limiting beliefs which no longer serve me

88. I am human and it is safe for to make mistakes.

89. There is no failure only feedback

90. I belong

91. I have unique gifts and talents the world needs to see

92. I am open and receptive to my soulmate

93. I release old stories which no longer serve me

94. I practice patience and compassion

95. I give myself permission to be anyone I want to be

96. Universe, I know you’ve got this. Thank you!

97. I am worthy of a deep, long lasting and loving relationship

98. My dreams are inevitable to come to life

99. Abundance is my natural state

100. It is time for me to step into my dream life

101. It is my purpose to fulfil my wildest dreams

102. I know on every door that seems appealing to me

103. With every chose I am getting closer to my dream life

104. I always believe in the best of people

105. I am open an receptive for a new position which fulfils all my desires

106. I see the beauty in things

107. I trust my intuition and my judgement

108. I chose love and peace

109. I give up the need to have it a figured out

110. I let my life be even dreamier than I could ever imagine

111. I am a force of nature

What is your favourite affirmation? Leave a comment!



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