Terms and conditions of the Holistic Body Club!

1. Duration and Access to the holistic body club:
1.1 The Holistic Body Club (HBC) provides access to course content (6 modules) and monthly resources for a duration of 6 months at a fee of USD 700$
1.2 Upon the end of the 6 months, access will be cancelled.
1.3 Upon the end of the 6 months, each member will receive the opportunity to stay a member of the club for a monthly fee of USD 50. This option is only available to any member who has been a member for the original 6 months.

2. Free Trials and Cancellation Policy:
2.1 Free trials are not offered. However, a 7-day risk-free, no-questions-asked cancellation policy is in place.
2.2 Cancellations are not possible after the initial 7 days of sign-up.
2.3 Refunds are available within the first 7 days by contacting [email protected].
2.4 Members enrolled in the $50/month membership after the initial 6 months can cancel their subscription at any time through the portal.

3. General Provisions:
3.1 Terms and conditions are subject to change, with any modifications communicated to members.
3.2 The Holistic Body Club reserves the right to close or discontinue the membership at any time, with all active subscriptions automatically canceled.

4. Content Access Upon Cancellation:
4.1 Upon canceling the membership, members lose access to all Holistic Body Club content, including the course and monthly content.

4. Content Liability:
4.1 The Holistic Body Club provides content, including courses and resources, in good faith for educational and informational purposes.
4.2 The Club and its creators are not liable for any direct or indirect consequences, losses, or damages that may arise from the use of the content.
4.3 Members acknowledge that individual experiences may vary, and results are contingent on personal commitment and circumstances.
4.4 Members are encouraged to consult with healthcare professionals or relevant experts before implementing any advice or practices suggested within the Holistic Body Club.
4.5 The Holistic Body Club disclaims all liability for any harm or dissatisfaction resulting from the content, and members accept full responsibility for their choices and actions.

5. Founding Members
5.1 Founding member price are no longer offered. However, the terms and conditions for current founding member can be found here.

By signing up for the Holistic Body Club, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. These terms are subject to change, and any modifications will be communicated to members in a timely manner.