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Summary and Key points from the episode:

Hello, gorgeous soul! Welcome back to another episode of the Holistic Way Podcast. Today, we’re focusing on holistic body-related topics, specifically body image and body dysmorphia—issues I’ve personally experienced. I want to share my understanding, how I healed my body image, worked with my body dysmorphia, and offer a freebie at the end. Let’s start by exploring my own journey with body image.

I’ve struggled with my body image, as many do. For those new to the podcast, my world, and my work, I invite you to listen to two episodes about my holistic body journey (part one and part two), which I’ll tag in the show notes. In this episode, I’ll highlight key experiences I’ve had. My obsession with my belly and midsection was significant. I constantly checked for changes and focused nearly all my diets and exercise plans on this area. It occupied my thoughts from morning until night, leading to a spiral of shame and negative self-talk.

I still have a picture on my phone, a “before” picture from around 2015, which serves as a poignant reminder of how much I disliked my body. Looking at it now, it saddens me because I see nothing wrong with my body in that picture. It was not about my body’s appearance but about my mindset and perhaps body dysmorphia.

Another aspect was attaching meanings to experiences. Feeling bloated translated to ‘I’m fat and ugly’ in my mind, when it was merely a physical reaction to something I ate. Additionally, a conversation with a friend last year made me realize I still had a distorted view of my body. This led to a tapping session and meditation, where I realized how warped my perception was. It was like looking in a distorted mirror at a circus. That session helped me correct this view instantly.

Let’s discuss what body image actually is. I researched the mainstream definition and found it aligns with my understanding: body image is the way you feel and think about your body. It can be positive or negative. Another layer to consider is the visual representation your subconscious mind has of your body. This representation can be distorted, as in cases of body dysmorphia.

Let’s do a quick exercise. (Ensure you’re not driving or walking.) Close your eyes, tap at the crown of your head or collarbone, and visualize your body. Notice what comes up. How do you see yourself? Is it uncomfortable? Make a mental note of this perception, and compare it with your reflection in a mirror. Notice any differences and what beliefs you hold about your body.

If you have an old picture where you disliked your body but now see nothing wrong with it, you’ve lost weight but still don’t feel good about yourself, or you obsess over a specific body part, these are signs your body image might benefit from healing.

If the mental representation of your body is stuck in the past, you’ll never feel fully embodied or aligned, no matter your physical changes. Healing your body image is key to breaking negative loops and adopting a healthier perspective.

Awareness is the first step. Understand how your mind perceives and represents your body. Practice acceptance and self-compassion for your current body, as it’s the one that will lead to the body you desire. I offer a free resource – a hybrid between hypnosis and EFT tapping – to help upgrade your body image.

Be patient and kind to yourself on this journey. There’s much going on beneath the surface. Feel free to reach out to me on social media or at [email protected] for support. Wishing you a lovely day or evening, wherever you are. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @UniquelyNiqui. See you next time!

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